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Destiny Clark:CEO and Founder

I am from Long Beach, California, and come from a low-income family of 10 children. I currently attend San Francisco State University and major in Business Management. One thing that drives me is my relentless passion and love for the people around me. In this life, I prioritize growth in every aspect, individually, collectively, mentally, and physically. My mission is to inspire others who are starting from scratch in what they wish to achieve. This brand's focus is self-empowerment. It will serve as a vessel to give people resources, inspiration, motivation, and even a platform for others to share their stories. I would love to hear your story. Nipsey said it best, "The highest human act is to inspire", MUCH LOVE! 



Tiszha, CA

“Destiny took the time to walk me through any and every interview question. It helped me become more comfortable with taking on interviews !"
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